Service support staff are your first point of contact when you reach out to ConnectionPoint with finance, human resources, research and general questions and requests. Service requests can be made online, by phone and in-person. If advanced support is required, requests are escalated to the operations and research support services teams. The service team follows-up on service requests as needed, from researching an issue and developing correspondence, to following-up with employees/vendors. These staff perform transactional processing activities including data entry, correspondence, forms and record-keeping.

Director, ConnectionPoint service: Troy Linsley, or 306-966-6177

Service managers: Kristine Eggertson, Joanna Montis

Service agents: Inger Bonli, Connie Dodge, Craig Downey, Nicole Fillmore, Alex Fournier, Kaylynn Iron, Sandra Iverson, Rosco Lewis, Joel Loewen, Stacey Schleicher (leave), Kathy Weiman, Deborah Lewis


Operations includes finance, human resources and research functions working together to resolve escalated issues and execute daily activities such as recruitment and employee onboarding, creation of expense reports, purchase of goods and services, payment to vendors, supporting faculty and researchers with proposal development, and providing financial support to researchers.

Director, ConnectionPoint operations: Jae-Anne Peace, or 306-966-3288

Data processing manager: Val Szydlowski

Data processing co-ordinator:  Brenda Jensen

Data processing administrators: Elsie Bayani, Morgan Bellamy, Kelly Brophy, Melinda Bueckert, Sharri Ethier, Elyse Lalonde, Sheryl Leavitt, Lindsey Olfert (leave), Candyse Royal, Janet Vickers

Travel and expense administrators: Tera Ebach, Jaspreet Kaur, Sharon Robinson, Abby Wojda

Purchasing and payment manager: Geoff Luczka

Procurement and contracts specialists: Valerie Hoeflicher, Kyle Jurgens

Purchasing co-ordinators: Christine Hanson, Kim Lewis

Purchasing and payment administrators: Janice Hilbrecht, Verna Hucul, Leanne Munday, Debby Baldwin, Janet Flett

Workforce administration manager: Danielle Santo

Workforce co-ordinators: Chantelle Bonogofski-Braun, Derek Brinkman, Samantha Lamborn, Jillian Rowland, Christine Schwark, Christa Sisco-Borysko

Payroll manager: Maureen Clemens

Payroll Assistant Manager: Carol Paetsch

Payroll Operations Assistant: Karen White

Payroll Specialists: Ashley Moncur, Barb Brekke, Carol Bedier, Chris Markovich, Mariyana Beleva, Melody Grace, Wendy Squires, Joni Roy

Institutional approver: Corinne Howells

Research support specialists: Nicole Benning and Laurie Schimpf (Arts and Science, Education, Edwards, Law, JSGS, University Library), Tate Cao and Leah Johnson (AgBio, Engineering, WCVM, SENS, VIDO), Brenda Meyer-Burt and Cara Gress Spence (Medicine, Pharmacy and Nutrition, Nursing, Dentistry, Kinesiology, SPH)


ConnectionPoint support staff monitor the quality and efficiency of ConnectionPoint services. One of their key roles is to obtain feedback from leaders, faculty, staff and students, and identify operational improvement opportunities to ensure efficient and streamlined services and processes are in place. Support staff also provide process support to other ConnectionPoint staff. The goal is to constantly evolve and improve for overall faculty, staff and student satisfaction.

  • Service relations staff monitor the quality of ConnectionPoint support. Their primary role is to obtain feedback from college/school/unit leadership, faculty, staff and students, prioritize projects and work in support of core ConnectionPoint functions and processes based on feedback.
  • Continuous improvement staff ensure processes and programs that impact ConnectionPoint are analyzed to guarantee efficiency across the functional areas (e.g., finance, human resources, and research). These staff work closely with ConnectionPoint management, ensuring there is a clear picture of how operations are currently working and continuously identifying areas of opportunity for improvement.
  • Metrics and reporting staff support ConnectionPoint leadership in data gathering and analysis of reports and surveys
  • Business systems staff monitor data, identify opportunities for enhancing data and develop plans to target improvements in support of core ConnectionPoint functions and processes (e.g., knowledge base)

Operations analysts: Andrew Hildebrandt, Jackie Chometa Keele

Metrics and reporting analyst: Abigail Mani

Service relations consultants:

  • Marc Babcock for Agriculture and Bioresources, Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy and Nutrition, Dentistry, Public Health, Arts and Science (Physics, History), Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation, Financial Services, Vice-Provost Teaching and Learning, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Vice-President Finance and Resources, University Relations, Corporate Administration, Office of the President
  • Jenna Pullen for Law, Education, Edwards School of Business, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, Medicine, Council of Health Science Deans, Facilities Management Division, ICT, Consumer Services, Human Resources, Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic, Office of the Vice-President Research, University Library, Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre, Global Institute for Food Security, School for Environment and Sustainability, Global Institute for Water Security, VIDO-InterVac

Continuous improvement consultants: Janette Boden, Paul Fraser