What does the processing start date mean?

Our processing start date refers to the date that requests were submitted that our Agents have begun working on at the beginning of each day.

Is my request complete when it's past the processing start date?

Although you may have submitted your request prior to the processing start date indicated, it may not be complete yet.  There may be a variety of reasons that your request may take more time to process, such as:

  • more information is needed to complete the request
  • your request is highly complex
  • your request requires several interactions with other parties
  • your request may be pending approval from your manager or an institutional approver

If you have submitted a request prior to the processing start date indicated and it is not yet complete, please check the history of your requests in PAWS to determine your request's current status or phone ConnectionPoint and an Agent will be happy to look into the status and additional details for you.

How often are processing start dates updated?

Processing start dates are posted and updated daily.

Where can I find the status of my request?

Your request history is maintained in PAWS and is available to you at anytime through Admin Services ConnectionPoint.  Here you will see a number of potential statuses:

  • Request: Your request has been received, but ConnectionPoint has not started working on it yet.
  • Request Completed: Your request has been completed by an Agent and has been resolved.
  • Action Required from Name: Your request has been received and an Agent has started working on it, but more information is required from you.  Please click on the green request title for more information or check your inbox for an email from us.
  • Work in Progress:  Your request has been received and an Agent is currently working on it. 

Below is an example of what your history might look like in the PAWS channel: