Concur expense report approval status

Not Submitted

  • Expense report created by either employee or delegate, but not submitted
  • Both employee and delegate can edit or submit (based on permissions for delegate)

Pending approval – (Approver Name)

  • Expense report has been submitted to approvers by employee or delegate
  • Cannot be modified by employee or delegate except to attach receipts
  • Employee or delegate can recall
  • Approver can add comments, modify allocations, approve, send back, or approve and forward to additional approver.

Sent back to employee

  • Expense report either sent back to employee by approver or recalled by employee or delegate
  • Both employee or delegate can edit or submit
  • Approver cannot see or make changes

Approved and in Accounting Review

  • All approvals have been done and expense report is in queue for final back office review and approval
  • Cannot be modified except to attach additional receipts
  • Employee or delegate can recall


  • All approvals, including final back office approval, have been done, and payment is either in processing or extracted (see payment status below)
  • No editing or recall possible
  • Employee or delegate can still attach receipts

Concur expense report payment status

Not paid

  • Expense report is still in approval status process (see above)

Processing Payment

  • Will be extracted for payment to employee at next payment run

Extracted for Payment

  • Payment has been processed, and direct deposit or cheque issued.