Enterprise Procurement intake now available through ConnectionPoint Services

Enterprise Procurement and ConnectionPoint have partnered to provide purchasing services in a collaborative way through the ConnectionPoint Services portal in PAWS.  Purchasing requests traditionally managed by the USask Enterprise Procurement department can now be sent through the Acquire a Good or Service eForm. The eForm and subsequent service request navigation, will provide a convenient and transparent way for members of the university community to submit and track their requests. The move is a natural step forward in enhancing the administrative services provided by Finance & Resources and aligns with the intake for other service providers through the Help and Services portal in PAWS. To support the transition of the purchasing service request intake, the purchasing teams in Enterprise Procurement and ConnectionPoint will also be working together in new ways, to more effectively align their work and your service experience. 

The ConnectionPoint Services portal and eForms provide the university community with enhanced functionality to submit and more efficiently manage service requests. You will notice a familiar and easy to use interface when submitting requests, along with the following benefits:

  • Ability to add colleagues to your requests, to make it easier for you to inform colleagues of the status of the request and enable departmental coverage
  • Easier ability to route requests for approval and grant subsequent approval
  • Update and add information to open service requests, with improved line of sight into your college/unit requests
  • A more dynamic online Knowledge Base to search and share support resources
  • Improved ability to track the status, sort, filter, and search your submitted service requests
  • Improved system response time
  • Manage all of your purchasing service requests in one place
  • No need to determine if your purchasing service request should be sent to Enterprise Procurement or ConnectionPoint as the two teams will be working together to support your purchasing needs


Enhanced Services - Non-Union Employees

In September, ConnectionPoint launched additional services in support of the non-union employee handbook.  The Hire a PersonSubmit a SeparationExtend a Term, and Seasonal Layoff and Recall eForms will be expanded to include non-union term employees.  Previously, these services were available to term and permanent CUPE 1975, CUPE 3287, ASPA, USFA and Exempt & Senior Administrative employees and open to all college and units.  If you have any questions about how this may impact your unit, please call us and a Service Agent will be happy to assist you!


Acquire a Good or Service eForm Enhancements

We made some enhancements to the Acquire a Good or Service eForm to make purchasing goods and services easier.  Enhancements include improved dynamic field selections based on previous field selections, making the eForm for flexible and easier to fill out.  In addition, we added information to our Knowledge Base regarding Ship-to-Codes and added the option to add your Ship-to-Code to the eForm for more accurate delivery information.  Clarifying language, links to relevant Knowledge Base articles and additional help text was added to the eForm.


Wire Transfer Process Improvements

It took more time than we hoped, but we have made some improvements to the wire transfer process to streamline the activities associated and improve processing times and accuracy. There is still some more work to be done, so watch for further improvements!

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Added to Select ConnectionPoint eForms

In an effort to improve communication and provide you with more information for what you can expect when you submit your requests to ConnectionPoint, we have added our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to select ConnectionPoint eForms.  This information is available for some of our high volume or time sensitive eForms to better assist you in planning.  As a result, SLAs have been added to the following eForms:

  • Request a Reimbursement
  • Correct a Transaction
  • Correct a Transaction (Pay & Benefits)
  • Assistance Scheduling Interviews
  • Create a Letter of Offer (ASPA, CUPE 1975, Exempt)
  • Create a Letter of Offer (CUPE 3287 Sessional)
  • Create a Letter of Offer (PSAC Graduate Students)
  • Create a Letter of Offer (Research)
  • Honoararium
  • Pay a Company
  • Service Income Requisition (SIR)

The SLAs indicated on each eForm are our target processing times. Processing times may vary from time to time. To view our current processing times for the eForms listed above and for more information regarding our processing start dates, please visit the ConnectionPoint webpage.


New Benefit Enrollment Sessions

Learn about your benefit coverage, how to view benefit information, how to register for your Sun Life account, and complete your required benefit enrollment forms.  This session is targeted to new employees, where they will be receiving their benefit package.  It is also open to current employees who have questions about their benefits or need to complete their forms.

Sessions begin on February 19, 2019 and will be held every Tuesday.  Registration is now open for sessions held in February and March.  Check out the University's Training webpage for more details and to sign up now!

New Mobile ConnectionPoint!

ConnectionPoint launched a brand new mobile location in order to serve you better! Our Mobile ConnectionPoint kiosk will be visiting various locations across campus and intended to make ConnectionPoint more accessible for all colleges and units on campus. Watch for announcements in PAWS and You|Sask for Mobile ConnectionPoint dates and locations!

For more information on our services, please visit How can ConnectionPoint assist me or contact us at 306-966-2000. If there is a specific support/service you would like to see offered at our mobile location, please contact us at 306-966-2000, visit us at Arts 258, or submit a General Request through the ConnectionPoint channel in PAWS.

New eForm: Request Change to a Job Posting

We are happy to announce a new eForm available to request changes to job postings! You can now use the Request Change to a Job Posting eForm to easily update job postings or have job postings removed. This eForm goes directly into the queue for the team responsible for the action in order to ensure a quick turnaround for your request.

Notifications for Changes to Personal Information

We will now be sending email notifications to you anytime there are changes made to your personal information.  These notifications will be a result of changes to:

  • your name
  • your phone number, and/or
  • your residential address. 

This notification is an added security measure and ensures your information is correct and up-to-date.

Travel Reconciliation Improvements

We made significant improvements to the travel reconciliation process, which will increase the speed of postings and reporting going forward!  The changes will improve the accuracy of travel charges in your fund and increased visibility.

Create a Letter of Offer eForm Improvements

Improvements have been made on the Offer Letter Templates in ConnectionPoint Services.  The campus commuity identified several improvements that could be made to the letters and ensure all necessary information is gathered on the eForm.  In addition, the eForm has been simplified and is more concise, with new fields to ensure appropriate and necessary information is collected only when required.

Request a Reimbursement eForm

Based on feedback from you, we made further enhancements to our Request a Reimbursement eForm.  Enhancements include clarifying language, additional required fields and links to knowledge base articles for supporting informaiton to make filling out the eForm easier!

New Request Tracking System

ConnectionPoint is transitioning to a new online system to manage your requests. ConnectionPoint Services, our service request system, will be available on July 3 and provide a more functional and user-friendly platform for faculty, staff and students. Many of the enhanced features introduced in the new service request system are based on the feedback from members of the university community since launching ConnectionPoint in 2016. The implementation will begin in July with future enhancements planned to further improve your experience and ConnectionPoint service offerings. Thank you for your feedback and please continue to provide it via the Let’s hear it! button on connectionpoint.usask.ca.

Information sessions are scheduled to showcase the changes and provide you with an opportunity to learn about the new system. To register for a session, please visit the ICT Training Services web page and look for the ConnectionPoint – Portal Basics listing under Courses.

Help pages for using the new system are also available in the ConnectionPoint Knowledgebase.


ConnectionPoint Services, will provide the university community with enhanced functionality to submit and more efficiently manage service requests. You will notice an improved interface when submitting online requests, along with the following benefits:

  • Ability to add colleagues to your requests, to make it easier for you to arrange coverage for vacations and EDOs
  • Easier ability to route requests for approval and grant subsequent approval
  • Update and add information to open service requests, with improved line of sight into your college/unit requests
  • A number of new electronic forms (eForms) to replace current paper-based forms
  • A more dynamic online Knowledge Base to search and share support resources
  • Improved ability to track the status, sort, filter, and search your submitted service requests
  • Improved system response time

Yes! We are currently working on transferring all of your historical requests into the new system so they will continue to be available to you for reference.  Your old request will be searchable in your request and will look something like this:

Migrated Request


Yes!  We have several new eForms that alleviate the use of paper forms, or simplify the process of existing forms.  New eForms that you can expect to see include:

  • Apply for a Travel Card
  • Make Changes to a Travel Card Account
  • Apply for a PCard
  • Request a PCard Change
  • Correct an EJS
  • Extend a Term
  • Request an Employment Verification Letter
  • Request a Concur Guest Profile
  • Service Income Requisition
  • Honorarium
  • Create a Letter of Offer
  • Assistance Scheduling Interviews
  • Extend or Amend a Contract
  • Liquidate or Cancel a Purchase Order
  • Reset Your About-US Password

Many of our current eForms will continue into the new request system, but with some improvements or changes based on your feedback!


Added drill down capability in FAST

As part of on-going enhancements to the information and service available to campus users, we have added a new drill down capability in FAST. Where a document starts with I0, and is payable to a company, you are now able to see an image of the Invoice related to the charge in your fund. It is recommended that you right click on the link in the “Inv/Ref #1” column to view the invoice in a new browser tab within the document management tool. Banner documents with a transaction date of January 1, 2017 or later will have the associated documents available for viewing through these FAST links.

If you have not logged in to FAST through PAWS you may be asked to enter your NSID and password before being taken to the document management tool and access to the supporting documents is based on your UniFi security.

If you still have questions associated with expenses charged to your fund, please reach out to the Payments team in ConnectionPoint, we are here to help you.

NOTE: The original YouSask communication inidcated banner documents with a transaction date of January 1, 2016 or later.  This was a typo and has since been corrected to 2017.  


Salaried (AboutUS) Move Transaction (JV) processing start dates published

Processing start dates for the Reimbursement for Expenses Including Travel eForm, Pay a Company Invoice eForm and Move Transaction (Joural Voucher) non-salary eForm were published on the ConnectionPoint homepage in the fall.  In February 2018, we added the processing start dates for salaried (AboutUS) Move Transaction (Journal Voucher) eForms for your information.


Pre-authorized debit

Effective January 1, 2018, ConnectionPoint is offering Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) as the only method of payment for benefits on a leave of absence. This convenient option will replace post-dated cheques. Employees will simply need to complete the PAD form prior to their leave in order for benefits to continue. For more information, refer to the Pre-Authorized Debit for Benefit Payments article in Knowledge Base.


Semi-monthly payroll transition

The University of Saskatchewan transitioned from a monthly payroll cycle to a semi-monthly payroll cycle on January 1, 2018.  The ConnectionPoint team will continue to work to reduce paper burden, streamline workflows and continue with process improvements for payroll related activities in the upcoming months.

If you have any questions regarding the transition to the semi-monthly pay cycle, please refer to the semi-monthly payroll project websitecontact the semi-monthly payroll project team, or ConnectionPoint.


Auto Notification Added for Injuries at Work

If you are injured at work, your Manager or Supervisor will submit a Submit Leave eForm through PAWS to ConnectionPoint.  As soon as we receive the eForm from your Manager/Supervisor, Safety Resources will automatically be notified of your injury and will follow up with you to best assist you.  This will also improve Safety Resource's visibility for worker's compenation claims that require immediate attention.


Supporting Paper Payroll Cheques

ConnectionPoint now sends an email to individuals who have paper cheques ready for pickup.  The email notifies recipients that the cheque is ready for pick up as well as information as to where, when and how to pick up the cheque.

Important dates published

A list of important dates for certain types of activities has been added to Knowledge Base for your reference.  The article, titled Cut-Offs and Other Important Dates provides the campus community with a list of important dates such as EJS submission and flexible spending allocation deadlines.  A button has also been added to the PAWS channel linking you directly to the relevant Knowledge Base article for quick reference.

Offer letter template improvements

As we continue to work with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Offer Letter Templates, the campus community has identified additional improvements that can be made to the letter. The intention of the improvement is to ensure that all necessary information is gathered on the form, that it is simple and concise for both the person filling it out and the person processing it, and that there are no redundancies with other sources of information.

As a result, additional fields and clarifications have been added to the eForms in ConnectionPoint Services.

ExpenseIt now available through Concur

Welcome to ExpenseIt

We recently implemented ExpenseIt from Concur to make it easier and faster for you to file expenses. ExpenseIt is a feature within the Concur mobile app that automatically turns receipts into expenses for you. No manual entry required. It’s like having your own personal assistant in your back pocket.

How it works

Take photos of your receipts directly from the Concur mobile app
For digital receipts, just forward your emails to receipts@expenseit.com.

Every receipt gets analysed and automatically creates a line item for you
Review before including in your expense report.

Add to any expense report
Submit and you're done.

Get started

  1. Download the Concur Mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.
  2. Log in with your Concur credentials (username, password or mobile pin)*

*Can't remember? Go to the Concur channel in paws and click on the Go to My Concur button, select the profile tab and click the mobile registration link to find your username. You can create a new password by clicking on the 'Create a Mobile PIN' link.


Changes to the ConnectionPoint webpage

Processing Start Dates now available

We are now publishing Processing Start Dates on the ConnectionPoint homepage! 

Thanks to suggestions from you, we have begun publishing our processing start dates on the ConnectionPoint homepage and our PAWS channel to help you better understand where your requests may be in our processing queues.

Ongoing improvements and projects now available

We have added information to our webpage summarizing the improvements we are making to our services and processes and the projects we are working on to help serve you better!

Check out our new What we're working on page for information on improvements we are implementing based on feedback from you and what changes you can expect to see in the coming months.  We have also included the projects we are working on and where you can find more up-to-date and detailed information about related projects around campus.

Electronic job submission (phased approach)

Beginning in May 2017, data entry for certain electronic job submissions (EJS) will begin to transition to ConnectionPoint in a phased approach, beginning with the College of Education and units within the Office of the Vice-President Finance and Resources. A phased approach allows ConnectionPoint staff and the university community time to ensure the process is working effectively for all parties before looking at a broader roll out.

ConnectionPoint provides an opportunity to support the EJS process in a more user-friendly way that helps to connect many services and processes that are complementary, but historically not aligned. The information received through an EJS is a trigger to initiate many other processes that are integrated into the onboarding and off boarding processes such as: access to systems and professional development funds, enrollment in benefit and pension plans, keys and space. It also helps to deliver a positive user experience for both the hiring manager and employee.

 As a result of these changes, the goal is to:

  • ensure the timely and effective co-ordination of job actions and leaves, which can often be complex and involve many units
  • support the employee onboarding process to ensure items such as benefits and system access are set up prior to an employee’s start date
  • support the employee off-boarding process to ensure items such as pension transfer, system access and benefits termination are taken care of
  • support the transition to semi-monthly pay and the new EJS submission deadlines that will accompany this change

Beginning in May 2017, faculty and staff in the College of Education and units within the Office of the Vice-President Finance and Resources will provide the following job actions through new e-forms located in the ConnectionPoint PAWS channel for:

  • hires and terminations of permanent and term CUPE 1975, CUPE 3287, ASPA, exempt, faculty and senior administration employees; and
  • leaves and returns for all employee groups.

At this time, units outside of the College of Education and the Office of the Vice-President Finance and Resource will see no change.

For the College of Education and the Office of the Vice-President Finance and Resource (pilot units), please continue to submit casual hires and terminations, job changes and casual hours for all other employee groups through the EJS in AboutUS.

Yes!  If you would like to discuss how ConnectionPoint can support your college or unit with regards to the EJS process, please contact ConnectionPoint.