Current initiatives

We are continually reviewing and evaluating our services and processes based on feedback from the campus community.  Our Process Effectiveness Team is constantly working on process improvement opportunities to improve your experience in utilizing ConnectionPoint services.  Below are some more specific examples of what ConnectionPoint is currently working on:

Procurement card online options

Throughout February and March, ConnectionPoint in coordination with Purchasing Services, will be investigating the feasibility of implementing online solutions for Procurement Cards (PCards) on campus.  In October 2017, the University of Saskatchewan changed to Scotiabank as our PCard service provider.  With this change, we are exploring online reconciliation processes and other automated process programs in the hopes of further streamlining operations while also reducing paper burden around the University.  We will continue to keep you informed as these initiatives develop.

Notifications for Changes to Personal Information

We will now be sending email notifications to you anytime there are changes made to your personal information.  These notifications will be a result of changes to:

  • your name
  • your phone number, and/or
  • your residential address. 

This notification is an added security measure and ensures your information is correct and up-to-date.

Continuous improvement in targeted process areas

The Process Effectiveness Team will be working on continuous improvement opportunities in targeted process areas throughout April in the following areas:

  • Travel expense reimbursement
  • Procurement
  • Payment
  • Hire and onboarding support

Check back regularly on our "What's new" page for improvements!

Wire transfer process

We are working on streamlining the wire transfer process.  Stay tuned for information regarding these changes and when you can expected to see them!

Publishing ConnectionPoint service level agreements (SLAs)

We are working hard to gather information to better inform campus of ConnectionPoint services and service level agreements (SLAs).  This information will provide clarity around things like:

  • what services ConnectionPoint provides to campus
  • how to access services provided by ConnectionPoint
  • how long certain services are expected will take to complete
  • what your role is in accessing services provided, and 
  • what ConnectionPoint's role is in completing your request.

Support for PSAC EJSs

ConnectionPoint is currently evaluating opportunities to support PSAC permanent and term hires, terminations and EJSs. More information will be provided as it is available.

Feedback session: Personal Reimbursement for Expenses Including Travel (TE) eForm

Sessions for the New Hire and Onboarding Services and Pay a Company Invoice eForms were held in September 2017 with a number of improvements made as a result of feedback from users like you.  In the coming months, we will be scheduling a session for the Personal Reimbursement for Expenses Including Travel (TE) eForm for similar feedback and improvements. 

Stay tuned for dates and locations!

eForm improvements

More consultation and research are required on the following items, but we are continuing to work toward finding solutions based on suggestions from you on the following items:

  • adding a save for later button on the eForms so you can save your work and return later to complete the request (currently, this is a limitation of our case management system, but we are investigating future options based on feedback from campus community)
  • simplifying service payments to improve accuracy and timeliness of payments
  • reducing paper burden of the PCard administration activities

Improvements to the Hire and Onboarding Services eForm and process:

  • clarifying field input information
  • adding and improving mouseover help text to provide more clarity in collecting information

Improvements to the Pay a Company Invoice eForm and process:

  • streamlining multiple approval requirements
  • use of radio buttons, which is a current system limitation
  • simplify ongoing, repetitive payments
  • fund number drop down option, which is a current system limitation
  • increase system submission time (the time between when the request is submitted and the confirmation is received by a user), which is a current system limitation
  • provide search and filtering functions in PAWS portal, which is a current system limitation